A word from the president of the congress,

Hervé Carré

We live in a world in transition with its attendant conflicts, fears, uncertainties or threats. Mediators are sensitive witnesses to these fundamental movements. They perceive the impasses but also the potentialities. They have already proven themselves all over the world, in very different fields and in many different ways.


   These mediations are benchmarks to strengthen living together and intercultural dialogue, defend and build new rights, strengthen family, social and commercial relations, improve the quality of relations between citizens and between citizens and institutions.


    Médiations2020 is therefore the international congress that provides concrete solutions and links partners to ensure the success of this new social project. It will provide the opportunity to share experiences and lessons learned by actors and researchers from all continents. Highly renowned speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds, practices and sectors will contribute to a forward-looking approach in order to better understand the future of this activity, whose human dimension must be preserved.


    This Mediation2020 congress is organised thanks to the benevolent support and constant involvement of mediation stakeholders. The organizers, #AMCT and #Destination Angers in partnership with #collective Mediation21, #RENADEM, #FCMGO, #Forum SD, #FFCM, #Ville d'Angers, #Département du Maine et Loire are pleased to introduce you to the city of Angers, the first city where life is good.


Take your diaries, note the date and don't forget to register!


We look forward to welcoming you to Angers on February 5, 6 and 7, 2020.

Hervé Carré,

President of the congress,

President of AMCT

The large community of mediators is meeting in Angers, from 5 to 7 February 2020 for the international congress mediations2020.



Beyond the conferences, the mediations2020 congress is intended to be a platform for exchanges

which aims to strengthen projects, share experiences and good practices between networks.  


Through its unique multi-sectoral approach, this event, which will bring together nearly 500 participants from five continents, aims to ensure that the various actors in all mediations speak with a common voice for a stronger recognition of this field as an actor in the construction of a new society project. 


The VOIce of the ACToRS


Dialogues and debates at the heart of the congress

Inspired by the principle of the palaver tree, the organization of the sessions will focus on the contradictory debate between the speakers and the dialogue with the audience. 


Emphasis is placed on the exchange of ideas and visions of national and international experts and influencers, leaders and decision-makers from the private and public sectors through conferences.


The congress will also offer citizens the opportunity to get involved through 2 conferences open to the general public.


General Public



World Café



open to mediation actors

  • Mediators: institutional, liberal and voluntary

  • Actors of Justice: magistrates, judges, lawyers, lawyers, conciliators, bailiffs, etc

  • Sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists

  • Company managers, Managers, Human Resources Directors

  • Journalists, editors, editors, etc.

  • Teachers, researchers, trainers and students


  • Neighbourhood

  • Family and conjugal

  • Societal mediation,

  • Institutional

  • Judicial

  • Social

  • Administrative

  • Citizen

  • International conflicts

  • Conventional

  • Consumption

  • Of company

The plenary sessions


  • Artificial intelligence, dematerialization and mediation

  • Who pays for mediation

  • Restorative and restorative mediation

  • Ethics and ethics of mediation

  • Citizen mediation

  • Conflict in all its forms

  • International mediation: a factor for peace

The workshops

  • The workshops

  • Local authorities

  • Corporate mediation 

  • Mediation and living together in the heart of the city

  • Mandatory or selected mediation

  • Family and conjugal mediation

  • Institutional mediation

  • intercultural mediation 

  • Mediation and justice

  • Mediation of consumption